Welcome to the official Pacesetter games website! This site is a hub and information site for Pacesetter SystemTM role-playing games, owned and published by Goblinoid Games. The Pacesetter branded game line uses the same official logo and house system as the 1980s Pacesetter Ltd, and includes such original Pacesetter titles as TIMEMASTER and SANDMAN. Although the original Pacesetter company went out of business in the 1980s, the brand continues as a Goblinoid Games product line.

What was Pacesetter Ltd?

Pacesetter Ltd (sometimes mistakenly referred to as “Pacesetter Games”) was a short-lived game company headquartered in Delavan, Wisconsin that was in operation from approximately 1984-1986. It was founded by several former TSR employees who wanted to set out with their own game publishing business, in part due to dissatisfaction with the direction of TSR. During its short existence, Pacesetter was very prolific. The game company released four role-playing game lines and 3 board games. Pacesetter officially ceased operation in 1987, largely due to being under capitalized. The company went bankrupt, and Pacesetter’s intellectual property was sold to a liquidator. Subsequently, all intellectual property was sold to 54°40′ Orphyte, with the exception of all rights associated with CHILL, which was sold to Mayfair Games. 54°40′ Orphyte sold all rights to the Pacesetter brand and logo, TIMEMASTER, and SANDMAN to Goblinoid Games. Goblinoid Games now continues to carry the Pacesetter torch.

Pacesetter’s role-playing games use the same chart-based percentile system, which is as innovative today as it was in the 1980s.

Current Pacesetter Catalog

The Pacesetter product line continues to be supported by Goblinoid Games.

CRYPTWORLD: Horror RPG; the new official horror brand successor. CRYPTWORLD covers many horror genres and other options for play.

MAJUS: Magic noir modern era game of sorcery and intrigue.

ROTWORLD: Zombie survival horror game.

TIMEMASTER: Game of time travel. Protect the timeline from alien influence!

SANDMAN: This surreal story game takes place in a dreamlike world.

What is Pacesetter today?

Pacesetter is no longer an independent company. However, it was folded into the operations of Gobinoid Games when we purchased the Pacesetter brand and logo. Pacesetter is now a product line of RPGs, all branded with the familiar Pacesetter logo.

Historical Pacesetter RPG Catalog
CHILL: A horror game later released in a second edition by Mayfair Games. The rights are now held by Martin Caron. The original Pacesetter edition remains out of print and unavailable except in the used game market. CRYPTWORLD is the new Pacesetter horror brand successor.
Star Ace: This science fiction game is now owned by Phil Reed, and is available in electronic form.
TIMEMASTER: This game of time travel is owned and published by Goblinoid Games, with the original Pacesetter brand.
SANDMAN: This surreal game takes place in a dreamlike world. It is owned and published by Goblinoid Games, with the original Pacesetter brand.

Pacesetter SystemTM and Pacesetter logo, CRYPTWORLD, TIMEMASTER, MAJUS, ROTWORLD, and SANDMAN are trademarks of Daniel Proctor.

Star Ace is a trademark of Phil Reed. CHILL is a trademark of Martin Caron. Goblinoid Games is unaffiliated with Mayfair Games, Phil Reed, or Martin Caron.